Nº 255

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Text: Stephan Ott


Never before have we received so many disgruntled cancellations as we did for our focus theme of Design and War. This did not come as any great surprise, as the companies involved are primarily distinguished by their uncompromising view of reality. They are quite aware that the lethal nature of their objects cannot be obscured, no matter their functional elegance and aesthetic approach. Weapons, target optics and detonators are inextricably linked to their application, and our awareness of their use, often glossed over, always comes to the fore. This reminds us all that the inherent features are essential to the design. It may be morally reprehensible to design weapons. However, anyone who seeks to evade this moral dilemma by solely considering the aesthetic characteristics of an object designed for a particular use cannot be viewed as innocent and is not worthy of the name of designer.
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CanJam Europe

Text: Franziska Porsch

Apple paid three billion euros for Beats Electronics in May 2014, making the headphones brand its most expensive takeover in ten years. If FIFA forbade footballers from wearing Beats headphones in the stadium at this year’s World Cup, only because official sponsor Sony had provided some of its own – which were hardly worn at all. Portable audio equipment, which is essentially high-end technology and lifestyle rolled into one, is increasingly a focus of attention for producers and consumers alike.
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Krieg und Video.

Machines of the Imaginary

Text: Hans Ulrich Reck

For three decades now, simulations of war have been playing out on screens, both in fighter cockpits, with their radar and automated laser eyes, and in video games. The technology is identical; the procedures and levels of precision are comparable; the various effects are drastic, murderous. In all this, there is a problematic tendency to link media euphoria and the euphoria of war, suggesting that the simulation of war takes the place of war itself, unfolding in its stead..
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Kinder-Apps. For Young Learners

Text: Mickael Brock

To a wide-eyed, inquisitive young child, every stone that lies along the way conceals a new story, the shadow that keeps pace and won’t be outmanoeuvred serves as a faithful companion, and each little creature that crawls across the grass or lands on the table arouses their curiosity and demands immediate and undivided attention.
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