Collective [Ir]rationality.
DDW 2015

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The Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven came to an end on 25 October 2015. While we were there we came across three very different projects that we would like to highlight for you, our readers. All of the projects are currently still a work in progress, but are set to continue into the future.

Not far from the Veemgebouw – which hosted the exhibitions “In No Particular Order” and “Playing Life”, among others – visitors to the “Collective [Ir]Rationality” exhibition at the MU Gallery learned not only about the behaviour of flocks of birds, but became the subject of research themselves. The fact that only a few of the visitors had informed themselves about the exhibition before visiting the gallery played brilliantly into the concept. The behaviour of everyone who entered and found its way around the course-like space (designed by Studio Knol) was recorded so that it could be analysed as part of the second stage of the project. The behaviour of the visitors was also the subject of an experiment during the evening event: chairs of different heights were arranged in such a way that the front rows blocked the view of the people behind them. Everyone was free to rearrange the furniture, but if no one took the initiative or the group did not work together to solve the problem, the guests would go home with sore necks at the end of the evening. The findings about the collective behaviour of the visitors to the DDW will soon be revealed in a joint publication by the MU and Knol.


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In form Dossiers we also cover the projects “In No Particular Order” and “Playing Life”.

Text: Anja Neidhardt