DRDS Conference

Gastwerk Hotel, Hamburg

28 September 2017


The Design Research and Design Strategy Conference to be held on 28 September 2017 invites interested parties to find out about new tools and methods for successfully implementing an innovative process. A programme of presentations and hands-on training sessions will be available under the slogan of “Outthink Innovation”.

The initiators of the conference, the agencies Indeed and MC Markt-Consult, work on the premise that insights are only helpful if they can be put directly into practice. Therefore, the programme is made up of short presentations which are built upon by subsequent workshops in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the content by trying out new tools in a practical way. The initiators will be referring to the experience gained last year when the workshop offering at the conference resonated well with the participants. This year, the practical part will be given even greater attention. The aim will be to look at innovation processes as the key for creating sustainable and successful businesses. Case studies will be used to demonstrate that innovation processes are never linear and are at best repetitive. The speakers come from different disciplines in order to represent as broad a spectrum of perspectives as possible. The guests include Nancy Tennant, Professor at the University of Chicago, David Gram, Senior Innovation Director of Creative Play Lab at Lego, Markus Durstewitz, Head of Innovation Methods and Tools at Airbus and Hana Sahatqija, Programme Manager of Innovations Lab Kosovo at UNICEF.


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