Logo. Art with Signs

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus, Bremen

– 8 October 2017


In collaboration with the Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingolstadt, the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Foundation presents the travelling exhibition “Logo. Die Kunst mit dem Zeichen“ [Logo. Art with Signs], exploring the relationship of signs and emblematic painting in concrete art.

Aspects such as intelligibility, memorability, uniqueness, and reproducibility define a successful logo. It is hardly surprising then, that designers often draw on the design principles of concrete art, and that many exponents of concrete art have designed successful logos. Anton Stankowski, for example, developed the famous “forward slash in a square” for the Deutsche Bank logo.

The exhibition showcases works from both areas and thus makes reference to the connection between applied and fine arts. Current logos, as well as the development lines of famous trademarks are presented. Designers and artists include Peter Behrens, Karl Duschek and Heijo Hangen.


The exhibition was previously shown at the Museum für Konkrete Kunst. The exhibition catalogue is available online from the form shop.


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Designing Protest

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