Red, Yellow, Blue

Riot, Ghent

– 30 September 2017

Riot is the latest project launched by the publication platform Art Paper Editions. As a gallery and bookshop, Riot focuses on up-and-coming artists and stages regular exhibitions. The work of the Korean artist, Na Kim, can be viewed there until 30 September 2017.

After studying product and graphic design in Korea, Na Kim decided to move to the Netherlands where she took a Masters in Werkplaats Typografie at Artez University of the Arts. With her work as a graphic designer, she helped the South Korean magazine, Graphic, reach an international readership. She has also curated some major exhibitions including Typojanchi in 2013 for the Seoul International Typography Biennale. Her work is the result of continual experimentation with new shapes and content which blur the boundaries between contemporary art and design. Riot is now presenting her projects “red, yellow, blue” and “Found Compositions”. “red, yellow, blue” is based on a series of selected images consisting of the three primary colours. The project is part of the “Set” series which was first presented as a solo exhibition in New York. “Found Compositions” shows image compositions from free exercises, drawings and other works, created since 2006 to the present.

We presented Na Kim, the designer, in form 270 with its focus on the country of South Korea.


Nº 273
Designing Protest

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