The Pink Floyd Exhibition.
Their Mortal Remains

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

– 1 October 2017

Following its homage to David Bowie, the Victoria and Albert Museum is doing the same for another musical legend: Pink Floyd. The band is being honoured with a retrospective ­– and it’s not just for hard-core fans – offering a unique insight into Pink Floyd’s 50-year history. 

Pink Floyd released their first album in 1967. Since then, the British rock band has made music history, developed new sound worlds with stylistic and technical experiments, and created international hits as well as iconic visual worlds with their stage productions and record covers. The exhibition subtitle “Their Mortal Remains” hints at the museum’s approach: the world of Pink Floyd is made accessible through physical exhibits. In the sections of “psychedelia”, musical, literary and artistic influences, musicology, politics, architecture and touring, visitors are allowed to immerse themselves into different aspects of the band’s history. There is a rich collection of historical originals, from handwritten lyrics and instruments from the band’s early days, to the six-metre-high Metallic Heads sculptures depicted on the “The Division Bell” cover. What’s more, Stufish, a studio specialising in entertainment architecture, has developed installations to capture important visual moments such as the Battersea Power Station or “The Wall”. Companions, including designers, illustrators, architects, and engineers as well as animators and light artists, who also played a major role in the creation of Pink Floyd’s aesthetics and image worlds, are also acknowledged. The entire, chronologically constructed exhibition is accompanied by music and the voices of the band members. At the end of the tour, visitors can engage in an immersive experience in sound and image, bringing the last live appearance of Pink Floyd to life.

Die gesamte, chronologisch aufgebaute Ausstellung wird begleitet von Musik und den Stimmen der Bandmitglieder. Zum Abschluss erwartet den Besucher eine immersive Erfahrung in Ton und Bild, die den letzten Live-Auftritt Pink Floyds erlebbar macht.




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