Views on Vegas.
A Journey Beyond the Famous Strip

Gutleut, Mainz

4 – 18 August 2017

Las Vegas is famous worldwide as the city of gambling, party excesses and spontaneous weddings. The exhibition “Views on Vegas” at the Gutleut in Mainz shows what life is like for residents of the city outside the seven-kilometre “Strip”.

Mainz photographer Daniel Rettig and media designer Hendrik Schneider visited Las Vegas for a period of seven weeks. They aimed to create a portrait of the city and its residents which broke with popular media representations of Vegas, so they spoke to a number of residents. The result was a photo stream with 42 portraits of and interviews with people who described everyday life in their city. The residents are portrayed in their personal surroundings, and the combination of photography and conversation creates an unusual impression of an amazingly ordinary city. Complemented by photographs of city panoramas, the exhibition gives a rare, quiet glimpse behind the scenes of a shrill, loud stereotype.
The exhibition ends on 18 August 2017 with a lecture by Daniel Rettig and Hendrik Schneider, giving insights into their work on the project and the stories of the people they met on their journey. The project has been published as a book by Seltmann and Söhne, and is available to buy at the exhibition.


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