Work and Play behind the Iron Curtain

GRAD, London

20 June – 24 August 2014

The Gallery for Russian Arts and Design (GRAD) is committed to providing an international audience into Russian art, culture and design through exhibitions, publications and events. The forthcoming exhibition “Work and Play behind the Iron Curtain” features over 50 key objects from Russian design between the 1917 Revolution and the Perestroika in the 1980s.

Everyday objects such as the Elektronika TS-401 M television, Nevalyashka dolls, pyramid-shaped milk bags and the ZIL fridge reflect social changes through an area of Russian culture that has received little attention up until now: consumer and pop culture.


Elena Sudakova is the director of GRAD, which opened in 2013. Before coming to London with the aim of promoting the intercultural relationship between Russia and the UK, she headed the G.O.S.T. gallery in Moscow. Previous exhibitions have focused on Soviet propaganda in the 1920s and 30s, the avant garde art of the Russian Constructivists, Soviet film posters and collaboration between contemporary British and Russian painters.


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