8th German Recycling Design Award

Submission deadline: 15 November 2017


The organisers of the Deutscher Recycling Designpreis invite designers and creative people to submit designs for the eighth edition of the prize. The designs should give new life to apparently unusable waste left over from industry or handcrafted production. The designs can be furnishings, textile products or accessories.

The aim of the competition is to communicate the invisible value of things that are ostensibly rubbish. Items that are thrown away or have no apparent use should be reused creatively as a resource or building material. There are no restrictions concerning education status or age for those wishing to take part in the competition. Projects with a chance of winning an award are those that impress the jury with their creative qualities, practical value, innovation and potential for the future. In addition, it is also explicitly desired that aspects such as manufacturability in artisanal enterprises, by people in workshops for the disabled or youth and employment initiatives are taken into account. All rights of the submitted projects remain with the originator and participating in the competition is free of charge. The deadline for submissions is 15 November 2017. The award ceremony and the exhibition launch will take place on 28 January 2018 in the Marta Herford Museum. 


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