CXI Conference

Ringlokschuppen Bielefeld

23 June 2017

The CXI conference held in Bielefeld on 23 June 2017 offers an extraordinary insight into the development process of a brand identity. Europe’s largest brand identity conference is organised by Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in conjunction with the Corporate Identity Institute and receives almost 800 attendees every year.

In a range of lectures, both employers and employees present their views of jointly developing a design process for a brand. This makes the complexity of the process transparent and reveals why certain decisions are made and the effects these have on the brand’s image. This year, representatives from SAS and Bold, Future Candy and Arndt Benedikt, Sennheiser, Khanna Reidinga and Moia, the Hamburger Kunsthalle and Heine Lenz Zizka, and also Gretel and Vice will present together.

The aim of the conference is to establish a common communication platform for the different actors from entrepreneurial and creative contexts, and to drive forward the exchange of ideas and opinions from various perspectives concerning content and expertise. 


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