Democratic Design Day.

Lausanne 2017

École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ÉCAL)

22 September 2017

A supplementary feature of the Democratic Design Day that takes place annually in Älmhult is another whole-day conference organised by IKEA that is held alternately in Lausanne and Zurich. On 22 September 2017 at ÉCAL in Lausanne, well-known speakers in the fields of design, the economy and sociology will be discussing what living in the future will look like.

Our homes will be viewed largely as a place of retreat and as a space for privacy and personal development. As a result, our living space is also a setting for social, technological and political shifts whose positions in our everyday lives are permanently vying for room. Under the slogan of “The Future of Living at Home”, this year’s Democratic Design Day will be discussing the role our homes will play in a future determined by extreme population growth, global networking and progressive urbanisation. What does “your own four walls” mean when your home is permanently open to the world with numerous networked devices? Future designs must also respond to requirements, such as increasingly scarce availability of resources and a growing number of older people living alone, and build bridges from the immediate living environment to macro-societal themes.

Guest speakers include the designers Matali Crasset and Antonio Scarponi. Crasset will speak on the connection between experimental design and pragmatism, while Antonio Scarponi, founder of Conceptual Devices, will report on technologies and methods that provide city dwellers with the opportunity to actively and sustainably co-design their urban environment.


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