Design Kosmos

Direktorenhaus, Berlin

30 June – 10 September 2017

The first comprehensive show of works by the designer Hermann August Weizenegger will take place at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin from 30 June to 10 September 2017. The exhibition will open on 29 June with the launch of Weizenegger's book “Design Cosmos”.

Individual exhibition rooms have been designed to reflect chapters from the book “Design Cosmos”. These showcase a world of ideas where Weizenegger’s product series of fashion items, living accessories and expressive furniture are aesthetically integrated. Weizenegger describes each of his collections as an independent cosmos that should be viewed as a holistic work of design. Visitors can now explore the world of ideas behind such works as Hotel Dresden, Prince of Amundo, MDS – The Strangeness of Seeing, Digital Couture and Valse Automatique. Also on show is the False Flower – a collection based on a fairy tale authored by the designer himself, giving the story of the artificial flower tradition a new context.
The exhibition shows how it is possible today to give everyday materials a new look by using innovative production methods and design.


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