Hosen, Stühle, Tassen

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Silke Wawro (ed.)

Hosen, Stühle, Tassen

Zur textilen Gestaltung mit Alltagswaren


Revolver Publishing, Berlin (DE)

189 Seiten, € 24 

ISBN 978-3-95763-355-2


With its collection of undergraduate work, the Institute for Art and Material Culture at the Technical University of Dortmund wants to provide food for thought for interacting with objects in our immediate vicinity.

Based on the observation that most everyday products are made of textiles and plastic, they are striving to provide attempts to escape from this from the user’s point of view. The social emphasis of user decisions is visible by means of conversion and design experiments, and as a result, offers the basis for further discussion concerning sustainability in use.

Dealing freely with extremely different issues leads to a wide range of results. Everyday observations are sometimes illustrated and put in a new light; other projects present finished product designs.


This diversity encourages us to delve further and think more, although there is a lack of guidance to summarise the different projects within a framework. A detailed introduction raises many issues which are not explored any further. The multi-dimensionality of the design theory between emotionality, consumerism and sustainability is illuminated selectively in different aspects but is not examined further in the presentation of the projects.

As a result, the results of the studies are indeed presented to the reader - the actual thought process that led to these are, however, closed to him. 


Nº 273
Designing Protest

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Education, Low-Tech Solutions, Material, Media, Sustainability, Recycling
Textile Design


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Text: Judith Block