Karel Martens: Motion

Design Museum Ghent

– 30 July 2017


The exhibition “Karel Martens: Motion” opens on 29 June 2017 in the Design Museum Ghent as part of the Museum of Moving Practice’s programme. This Dutch graphic designer is known for his various approach to numbers, vivid colours and abstract figures. 

The exhibition spans the past fifty years of the designer’s work and shows representative monoprints, paper reliefs, videos and kinetic figures. And in order to anchor the show in the present, a large part of the exhibition is dedicated to Martens’ latest work. Woven textiles, interactive video productions and an enormous abstract clock are presented as well as a selection of works by his former students. The exhibition’s multi-dimensionality is intended to appeal to all five of the visitor’s senses. Originally initiated and organised by the Kunstverein München, the exhibition is now part of the Museum of Moving Practice. Organised by the 019 collective, there will be a programme offered over the summer consisting of a reading, an installation and three exhibitions in the Hôtel de Coninck  and its public surroundings. 


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