Nendo: Invisible Outlines

 Centre d'Innovation et de Design au Grand-Hornu

– 1 October 2017

The Belgian Centre for Innovation and Design – the Center d'innovation et de design (CID) au Grand-Hornu – will be presenting the first major European exhibition of designs by Nendo until 1 October 2017. The design office founded by Oki Sato, is one of the most productive design offices in the world, bringing more than a hundred design ideas to the market every year, ranging from product design, architecture and interior design to graphic design.

Nendo works with minimalist designs intended to surprise and delight the user with minor irritations and humorous allusions. Their corporate philosophy rests on the conviction that moments of wonder and amusement are life enhancing.

The idea for the exhibition began with the CID asking Oki Sato if he wanted to design the exhibition himself. The CID is a centre for innovation and design, which promotes contemporary design through a programme of exhibitions and events, and interaction between designers, scientists and citizens is at the heart of their programmes. Located in the area of Le Grand Hornu, it hosts a range of exhibition areas on the site. “Nendo: Invisible Outlines” takes place in three event areas.

Le Grand Hornu is a former industrial coal mining complex and is today one of Belgium's most important cultural monuments. It was designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2012.


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