DOX by Qubus, Prag

– 1 September 2017

The DOX by Qubus Gallery will be presenting an exhibition of the artist and designer Lukáš Novák until 1 September 2017. The title "NEW! NEW!" refers not only to the role that Novák wants to play in the art scene, but also to the artist's ambition of crossing the borders of traditional glass art and of finding new ways of creating unusual glass objects.

Lukáš Novák grew up in Nový Bor, a town in Northern Bohemia. The area is famous for Czech glass art and Lukáš Novák grew up in a traditional glass art family. After an apprenticeship as a glassblower, he studied under Rony Plesl at the Umpum Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. His works go beyond traditional approaches to glass art and apply an experimental one. For the current series "Ultra Fragile" he has developed his own production method to revive old forms of text and image formation. This method allows him to shape his own slogans and mottos in glass objects, thus giving them a sporty aesthetic along with numerous elements from contemporary pop culture. The objects were developed in close collaboration with the Czech graphic designer Jan Novák.

The exhibition also focuses on the struggle young artists face in asserting themselves in the art scene. The relationship to 'the new' is presented ambivalently. While 'the new' can be motivating, it can also be a burden if it means an artist can only prove their worth by means of something new.


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