University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf

3. Juli 2017 

On 3 July, the launch event of the “Pre_invent” conference series takes place in the Audimax at the University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf. Ddevelopments in digitalisation of the past and present will be analysed through interdisciplinary lectures. As a result, a basis for future concepts and interventions in the area of friction between digitality and political dealings will be created. 

The conference forms the launch of the series on 3 July, in which three presenters will talk about their perspectives on Digital Studies. Fred Turner of Stanford University, who wrote about “The American counterculture and the politics of design” in form 249 will give a lecture on the dreams and visions of various movements of the 20th century that pre-empted our multi-media reality.

Thomas Bächle, the media theoretician from Bonn University will give an insight into human relationships to humanoid robots and artificial intelligence.

Tobias Matzner from Paderborn University will explain the mindset of various leaders from Silicon Valley and how it affects numerous developments.  The consequences arising from this that affects political debates, fake news and artificial intelligence will also be highlighted.

The discussion between the presenters and audience is expected to continue over a closing drink. 


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