Transhuman Life Forms

Art Laboratory Berlin
– 29 November 2015

Susanna Hertrich works in the borderlands between art, technology and design. Through the objects that she designs she seeks to create a kind of augmented reality that contains an element of social criticism and suggests an alternative view of the future. Her work on the theme of body prostheses is on display until 29 November 2015 at the Art Laboratory Berlin.

In the exhibition “Prostheses. Transhuman Life Forms” the artist Susanne Hertrich shows pieces from her long-term research project “Bodies and Technology”. Her work can be seen as an artistic hypothesis focused on the enhancement of the natural human body. Hertrich sees the concept of prostheses as a 21st-century phenomenon that goes beyond mere motor aids. Using the latest technology, new transhuman, sensory enhancements for the human body mean that the line between man and machine is becoming blurred. Hertrich has created fake wearables with a satirical undertone that seek to spark discussion about our use of technology today. The physical embodiment of thought constructs places them on the threshold between the real world and things that remain hidden, as in the series of objects entitled “Prostheses for Instincts”, which enable the enhancement of the body’s natural sensory organs, and are thus intended to heighten our powers of perception.

Alongside Hertrich’s work, a documentary film by Rafel Duran Torrent will be shown as part of the exhibition, focusing on the colour-blind artist Neil Harbisson, who was given the chance of hearing colours through a combination of technical devices and software.


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