Soirée Graphique

Komet, Bern

8 September 2017

On 8 September, the Soirée graphique will be showcasing the results of the artistic dialogue between photographers and graphic artists. The event is unique in its concept in Switzerland and is one of the most important exhibitions on graphic design in the country.

The Bernese advertising agency, Komet, has been organising the Soirée graphique on an annual basis since 2008. With the aim of promoting a closer dialogue between photography and graphic art, photographers are invited to submit a work created specially for the Soirée graphique. The participating designers then each react to a photograph with their own graphic interpretation. To mark the tenth anniversary of the event, Soirée graphique is opening itself up to photographers and graphic artists from its northern neighbour under the slogan of “Hallo Deutschland”. The dialogue will be presented to the public in an exhibition on 8 September. A catalogue comprising all the works will be published and will be available for sale at the event and on line.


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