“Streit” As a Design Method

University of the Arts, Berlin

7 – 11 August 2017


A five-day workshop at UdK Berlin, held as part of their Summer University, places “Streit” [dispute/conflict/dissent] in a new light. Participants can explore the creative potential of “Streit” and translate it into visual graphic design methods.

We mostly tend to perceive conflict as something unpleasant – a destructive force that is not only threatening, but also one that can block creativity and new ideas, especially in the context of work. By contrast, the five-day workshop focuses on the creative potential of Streit. Having a dispute or quarrel can also be seen as a constructive way of dealing with the complexity of an actual conflict. Attempting to translate the principles of Streit into a visual language can result in strong emotional graphical experiments and explorations. Thomas Lehner and David Gobber lead the workshop for graphic design as one of the workshops offered by the Summer University of the UdK Berlin. It is open to both prospective students and alumni and participants can gain specific insights into the areas of music, design, performance and free art while deepening their own skills.


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Designing Protest

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