The New Architecture of the Collective

Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

– 10 September 2017

Affordable housing has become a scarce resource, especially in urban contexts. Changing family and housing concepts and the influx of newcomers into cities mean that current concepts of housing construction no longer meet current demand. The exhibition “Together! The New Architecture of the Collective” presents an alternative for living, which has been gaining currency in the last few years: collective housing and building.

The Vitra Design Museum showcases examples from Europe, Asia and the USA, which vividly illustrate the multifaceted nature of living together in a community. The exhibition begins with historical examples, such as 19th-century reform ideas and projects from the hippie and house squatting era. These show the social context in which the projects arose, and how they were used as a form of protest against the then housing conditions. Current projects from different architects demonstrate how engaging with the challenges of limited space and new requirements can create innovative concepts with a new aesthetic.
The relationship between public and private spheres also changes. The characteristics of urban and living spaces, working and living are re-imagined and creatively interwoven. Conversely, the project examines the extent to which architecture influences the coexistence of residents and creates new forms of the same.


Nº 273
Designing Protest

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