Urbo Kune

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

– 18 January 2016


Urbo Kune means “shared city” in Esperanto and is the name of a project by the Austrian architectural theorist Jan Tabor and Sven Hartberger, director of the Klangforum Wien, which will take the form of an urban opera accompanied by music, talks and the presentation of utopias “to improve the world” in May 2015. An eponymous exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague looks at an experimental project by a group of Czech and Slovakian architecture students.

The project involved creating a model of a utopian membrane city to explore the potential for the kilometre-long Zbraslav stone quarry, should it ever be decommissioned. For the project the quarry was hypothetically divided into narrow strips, each 11 metres wide, by membranes, and architecture students from the Technical University in Prague and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava then developed designs for each of these strips. The designs include housing complexes, gardens, educational institutions, shopping centres, a skate park, a brewery and a prison.

Part of the exhibition also features work by the painter and graphic artist Pavel Růt, who drew inspiration from the notional city.


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